Tuesday, June 19, 2012


"There is melancholy in the wind and sorrow in the grass" . (Charles Kuralt)

i decided to go home on foot after a tiring day at the office. it took 30mins to cover the distance, between the trike terminal and my rented room's location. grateful for the sweat that poured out, have been living a sedentary lifestyle for over a year now. 

the short walk  also made me appreciate the things that i have, however simple they are.i was feeling melancholic all day. my " matandang dalaga " syndrome has struck again, hahaha.

but inspite of the unexplainable sadness that has overpowered my spirit all day, the breezy air brought forth gladness.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


had a chance to go on a four day travel recently. got a chance to see a pristine river in south cotabato, a serene beach front and an enchantingly beautiful waterfall in samal island. it brought unending gratitude in my heart that i am so blessed to have witnessed such beauty created by GOD. 

Monday, April 30, 2012

s i n e . . . .

watched the Avengers yesterday. watched it alone. missed my movie buddy.

just this morning i was recounting my movie experience with my co-worker, she asked " sino kasama mo nanuod? ". i stopped on my tracks and thought, do i need to be with someone to watch a film? i responded " wala, ako lang mag - isa. i guess i have to do things on my own."

that conversation brought me back to my so called SOLTERA life. does a person really need an other half to enjoy life?

maybe it does for some, as society dictates that a woman should be with a man and vise versa. in the present day it could be two men or two women together for that matter. so long as it is the concept of togetherness.  i guess, it wouldn't hurt having the bonus of a significant other's presence.

living a single life is hard to describe to one who is in a relationship. hey, i am also having a hard time understanding my own sinlgehood, much more difficulty is put into defining what happiness means to me.

at this point , i wont bother defining nor explaining how i find happiness in what seems to be a lonely life. i just know that i acknowledge loneliness when it hits me and i vast in happiness when i feel it.

i am after all, trying to live my life a day at a time.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ram - yun

Sitting on the dinner table alone, eating hot and spicy ram-yun noodles on a particularly hot summer night.
It was my first time to eat the Korean style noodle. I would say that it is delicious but it was super spicy for my taste. Tears welled up from my eyes, albeit I realized it is not from the hot chili soup, it is caused by the thought of eating by my lonesome self.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Earlier today,in our office pantry, my coworker and I sat across a girl who has unpacking her lunchbox.She was removing the two lunchboxes from a paper bag. She lay it on top of the table, then she sat down and got ready to eat. This girl who was very slim, opened the first container which contained a chicken dish then the second one which looked like a vegetable dish.

I was closely observing her and to my surprise my coworker's attention was also on her. We both smiled when the girl happily shook her head in approval of the food's taste. We concluded that the girl must be on a diet as she didn't eat rice.

Funny how out of curiosity and oftentimes out of boredom, people watch other people do their thing. I have found myself quiet on a lot of occassions, I must say, sitting in the corner of a cafe, restaurant; mall or even in a park observing people. It is quiet amusing how another person's daily activity could bring inspiration. You feel blessed that you are alive to observe how humans act and feel. That even if you don't know that person personally but you could sense what she feels at that moment.

It's like watching fish in a bowl. Swimming around the fishbowl may just be an ordinary act of survival for the fish but to the onlooker in brings gladness. 

Appreciation is the key. Acknowledge what you have in life. Be grateful for them. Be thankful that you are alive to appreciate how others live.

Enjoy each simple moment everyday as YOU maybe the fish in someone else's bowl. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Live Life A Day at a Time

No what ifs and what might have beens.

Overthinking wastes so much of my energy.

I could always plan ahead but unforeseen things happen.

Better live life a day at time so that I could accord my feelings at what is happening in the present.

It is not right to course it on the past and not so ideal to focus on the future.

Live my life in the present. 

Feel what is here today.

Easter Sunday

I spent Easter Sunday in a nice quiet hotel in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. The hotel has three swimming pools which my two nephews and my niece enjoyed. The resort didn't boast of a an ultra high-tech waterpark that other resorts had, but what I enjoyed was the elegant villa that we stayed in. My eldest nephew wanted us to go to another resort with monster waterslides, but considering it was Easter Sunday that particular resort will surely be heaping with people. I didn't want that, I have not been able to spend much time with them anymore so a quiet place is more appropriate for bonding.

The time spent with them is priceless. I love all three of them! Each has his own endearing characteristic. I may not be able to have kids of my own and I am glad that I have them to shower love with.

My constant prayer is that they be God-fearing , responsible, and happy young individuals.